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British GP: Hamilton Takes Control

I think it's safe to say that on TV at least, the British Grand Prix was one of the standout races of the year so far, and that's not because of the racing. I've...

Our Top 10 F1 Liveries of the Modern Era

There's been some great ones, and plenty of bad ones, but with every car launch before pre-season testing comes the excitement of new colour schemes, sponsors and liveries for many teams. With so many...
motorsport blog, rosberg italian grand prix, alex dodds motorsport

F1 Italian Grand Prix Talking Points

Who would have thought it? After Lewis Hamilton's superhuman pole lap in qualifying on Saturday I'm sure I wasn't alone in predicting a Hamilton victory on Sunday afternoon at Monza, but a poor getaway...

4 (Wider) Questions for Abu Dhabi….

Ok, we can all admit that 2015 hasn't been a vintage year for Formula One. Dominated by a fantastic and ruthlessly efficient Mercedes team who thoroughly deserve retaining both their titles, the most exciting...
thehairpincorner, 2017 hungarian grand prix, motorsport blog

Winners and Losers – Hungarian Grand Prix

It wasn't the most exciting of races we've seen this year, but the Hungarian Grand Prix certainly gave us some big talking points going into the summer break. The pendulum swung back and forth...
Hungarian Grand Prix, Formula One, Review, 2015

F1 2015 Season Highlights 1 – Hungarian Grand Prix

Mourning and sadness filled the air as the F1 circus rolled into the Hungaroring on 24th July 2015. Fresh from the tragic death and funeral of former Marussia driver and Ferrari protege Jules Bianchi...
thehairpincorner, f1 2017, motorsport blog, f1 blog, alex dodds motorsport

F1 2017 Half-Term Report: 20th – 11th

The first half of the 2017 season has seen the spotlight firmly fixed on the top of the championship table. It's hardly surprising considering we've got a title race featuring more than just one...
Best Race Circuits in the world

My Ten Favourite Circuits, The Final

Welcome to 2016, and the final installment of my top ten favourite circuits countdown. You can find numbers ten to seven here, and six to four here in case you missed the first two parts of the countdown....
thehairpincorner, f1 half term report, motorsport blog, f1 blog

F1 2017 Half-Term Report: 10th – 1st

Following on from yesterday where I gave my verdict on the drivers in positions 20 - 11 in the F1 table, I continue my F1 Half-Term Report by looking at fortunes of the drivers...
Renault F1 2016

Team By Team: Renault F1

Renault were the first team to launch their 2016 F1 campaign a couple of weeks back. Well, if you can call it that. I'm still not really sure what Reanult achieved by launching an...

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