Welcome to thehairpincorner.com, a fan-run touring car site primarily covering the British Touring Car Championship, the UK’s premier motorsport series.

The Hairpin Corner was born in August of 2015 as a touring car blog covering the BTCC, Supercars and DTM championships before becoming more BTCC-centric in recent years. Its purpose is to provide in-depth, accurate and a genuinely interesting commentary on the British Touring Car Championship, the latest series news and its fascinating and illustrious history.

The Hairpin Corner is home of the popular BTCC History series, in which the history of some of the BTCC’s most iconic cars is uncovered and examined, race weekend previews and wraps and The Week In British Touring Cars, a weekly roundup of all the latest news in the BTCC.

About The Author

Hi, I’m Alex, the founder of thehairpincorner.com

I’d have to go back the opening round of the 1998 BTCC season at Thruxton to accurately recount my first BTCC memory. Just four years old at the time, I can vividly remember the experience standing on the outside of the Campbell/Cobb complex watching the cars race by. I’d later find out that the two races that day were won by Rickard Rydell in the Volvo S40 (who would eventually win the 1998 title) and Alain Menu in the Williams Racing Renault Laguna, the Volvo S40 from 98/99 remains my favourite ever BTCC car to this day.

From that April morning in 1998 the BTCC and touring car racing have been a staples of my life. From the BTCC I moved to watching Formula One and DTM in the early 2000s, before I was hooked on V8 Supercars after watching Mark Skaife and Todd Kelly win the 2005 Bathurst 1000. Motorsport and touring car racing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and it’s one which I know will continue for decades to come, and it’s one which has taken me all over Europe and America to watch touring cars, F1 and NASCAR. If I’m not at the track, I’m glued to the TV all weekend.

I started thehairpincorner.com in August of 2015 as a way of putting together my thoughts about touring car racing. After originally trying to cover every series under the sun it became impossible to juggle constant writing and full-time work and I scaled the site back to focus solely on my favourite and in my opinion the greatest series in the world, the BTCC.

My long-term goal remains to work in motorsport in some capacity but I’m also a digital marketing manager and Arsenal fan who likes to run trail marathons and hiking. If you want to chat about BTCC, have any feedback about thehairpincorner.com or talk about anything in general feel free to contact me. I love hearing from, and talking to motorsport fans and talking all things car racing.

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Thanks for visiting thehairpincorner.com, I hope you enjoy having a look around and you never know, maybe one day we’ll bump into each other at the racetrack!