BTCC Unveils 2020 Rule Changes

Image thanks to BTCC / Jakob Ebrey.

The BTCC has unveiled three minor regulation changes to take place before the commencement of the 2020 season at Donington Park. The changes come as the result of a meeting held after the conclusion of the 2019 campaign between TOCA and the BTCC teams.

Success Ballast

Maximum success ballast will be increased to 60 kilograms, a 6kg increase from 2019’s 54kgs limit.

The ballast will be distributed for placings 1st – 10th in the championship before qualifying, and then re-allocated based on the results of the previous race for races two and three.

It will reduce in increments of 6kgs.

1st: 60kg

2nd: 54kg

3rd: 48kg

4th: 42kg

5th: 36kg

6th: 30kg

7th: 24kg

8th: 18kg

9th: 12kg

10th: 6kg


Drivers will be required to use all three tyre compounds across the day’s three races at both Snetterton and Croft, following the successful introduction of a similar rule at Snetterton this year. The other rounds will continue to see just two compounds used.

Drivers will also no longer be required to specify the race they will use the option tyre before Saturday’s qualifying session. Allowing for more flexibility in strategies, drivers will be able to choose which race they use their “option” tyre during the race day itself.

Shootout Qualifying

Snetterton will be the host of a trial of a new qualifying format. Instead of a straight 30-minute timed session, drivers will now have 25-minute timed session to set positions up to 11th on the grid. Following the 25-minute session, the top ten drivers will advance to a 10-minute shootout where their fastest lap in the shootout session will decide the top ten places on the grid.

Speaking about the changes to the regulations, Alan Gow, Chief Executive of TOCA, said: “Clearly, the regulations for the BTCC work tremendously well. That’s self-evident from the fantastically close racing and championship battles, but we’re always looking at ways in which they can be improved, so whilst these are fairly minor tweaks, they will certainly add some interesting new elements to next season’s championship.”

The 2020 BTCC season commences on March 28th/29th 2020 at Donington Park.


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