The Week In British Touring Cars | Friday 26th July 2019

Image thanks to BTCC.

Welcome to the “Week In British Touring Cars’, the weekly news roundup of all the biggest stories to happen in the BTCC this week. Published every Friday, the roundup is a great way to catch up on anything you may have missed, and ensure that you are up to date with the latest breaking stories from the British Touring Car Championship.

Cosworth Electronics To Supply Hybrid System For 2022

The BTCC is heading hybrid for 2022 after it was annouced this week that Cosworth electronics will design, build, supply and maintain the hybrid system to be used in the BTCC from 2022. The additional approximate 40bhp power gain will be activated after the first lap of the race and will be able to be used for up to 15 seconds a lap with full traction. The system will be activated via a button mounted on the steering wheel, and will be deacitvated when the button is pressed again, the brakes are deployed or the time/energy limit is released.

The configuration of the hybrid system will also replace the current success ballast system, and BTCC cars will now travel the full length of the pitlane under hybrid power.

Hybrid Performance (from BTCC);

  • Push to pass or defend – power gain of approx. 40+ bhp
  • Maximum of 15 seconds per lap – available after first lap
  • No limit on number of uses per lap – can only be used when full traction
  • Alternative calibrations for wet track conditions
  • Cars will drive the length of the pit lane on full electric power
  • Configurable percentages of hybrid output/regeneration rate – this will replace the use of success ballast weights 
  • On-car LED light system to display hybrid deployment
  • Hybrid power is additional to the current BTCC 2 litre turbo engine power – there is no reduction to either its power output…. or exhaust note
The proposed layout of the hybrid system. Image thanks to BTCC.

NGTC Regulations To Remain Until At Least 2026

Next Generation Touring Car regulations have been extended for a further five years up until the end of 2026. The NGTC era of the BTCC has so far been incredibly successful and has coincided with the series growing in reach and popularity once again. Extending the regulations means teams and manufacturers provides manufacturers and teams with an extended period of technical stability.

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