Ford Mustang To Undergo Further Changes

The Ford Mustang will undergo further parity changes to level-out the Supercars playing field ahead of the Perth Supernight.

Supercars’ technical department along with US-based partner company D2H Engineering has been conducting studies into the aerodynamics of the Mustang, Holden Commodore and Nissan Altima and has confirmed that the Mustang will undergo aerodynamic changes to ensure parity between the three models.

The changes, made using data taken from the recent meeting at the aero-dependent Phillip Island circuit include

  • Reductions in dimensions on the end plate
  • Lowering the height of the rear wing gurney flap
  • Reduction in length of the front undertray extension
Ford Mustang
The Ford Mustang model run by DJR Team Penske and Tickford Racing will be required to undergo further changes before the Perth Supernight. Image thanks to Autosport

The alterations mark the second set of changes to the Mustang after the cars were required to move an additional 28kg of ballast to the roof ahead of Symmons Plains in Tasmania.

Ford have repsonsed to the changes by stating that whilst the Mustang was built within the rules and signed off at the Supercars Controlled Aerodynamic Test (VCAT 9) by parties including Triple Eight and Kelly Racing, they would honour the changes. However, Ford did express dissapointment at being forced to make further alterations to a car they see as being built fairly, but committed to doing their talking on the race track.

Statement From Supecars

The Supercars Technical Department has analysed and evaluated information gathered from the opening four rounds of the Championship in monitoring and maintaining technical parity.

Based on the Racing Entitlements Contract (REC) and rule A1.4 of the Supercars Operations Manual, the Ford Mustang will be altered prior to the next event in Perth.

The modifications to be made are the reduction in the dimensions of the end plate, lowering the height of the rear wing gurney flap and a reduction in length of the front undertray extension.

The modifications will be made to all Ford Mustang Supercars prior to the upcoming event in Perth next week.


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