The Supercars pre-season test gave us the chance to see the 2019 cars hit the track for the first time in their new paint schemes for the coming season. Supercars has always treated us with some fantastic and memorable liveries over the years, and 2019 looks to be no different. There are some brilliant ones, and some not so brilliant ones, but in all cases its great to see big brands continue putting their money into the series. With the countdown to Adelaide well and truly on, I’ve gone through the list of confirmed liveries for 2019 and given my thoughts on each.

Tickford Racing

#5 – The Bottle-O Racing Team – Lee Holdsworth

Lee Holdsworth 2019, thehairpincorner
Lee Holdsworth switches to Tickford for 2019. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
Holdsworth Tickford 2019 Test
Image thanks to Tickford Racing.

I really like the new Bottle-O livery, and the theme is similar to last year but with a white bonnet and back-end compared to the green from last year. The addition of Southern Comfort as a sponsor is great to see, and it is reassuring to see big global brands still interested in backing Supercars.

Rating 7/10

#6 – Monster Energy Racing – Cameron Waters

Cam Waters Supercars Preaseaon Test Cam Waters, motorsport blog, supercars blog
Cam Waters led the way in the 2019 Supercars pre-season test. Image thanks to Speedcafe
Cam waters pre season test Supercars
The Monster Energy livery looks fantastic on the Mustang. Image thanks to Speedcafe.

The Monster Energy livery would look fantastic on any car and the Mustang is no exception. I’m pleased to see Monster continue their backing of car #6, and the simplicity of having one title sponsor on the car means it looks fantastic. Its been one of my favourite liveries since Cam Waters entered Supercars and 2019 is no different.

Rating 10/10

#55 – Supercheap Auto Racing – Chaz Mostert

Chaz Mostert 2019 Livery
Mostert retains Supercheap Auto backing for 2019. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
Chaz Mostert 2019
Image thanks to Tickford Racing.

Whilst some of the Supercheap Auto liveries from the past have been great, especially the Mostert ones from the last couple of seasons, I think the move away from yellow doesn’t do car #55 any favours in the looks department. From the side, the car looks great. But the mix of colours on the front and above the front wheels don’t do the car any justice. Still, it’s great to see big brands continuing to back Tickford, and I can understand the need to accommodate all the sponsors.

Rating 5/10

23-Red Racing

#23 – Milwaukee Racing – Will Davison

Will Davison 2019
Davison retains Milwaukee backing for 2019 and moves into the Tickford stable. Image thanks to 23 Red Racing.
Will Davison pre-season test
Image thanks to Speedcafe.

I think the Milwaukee livery on the Mustang looks awesome, and its one of the best of the bunch. Again, like with car #6, having just one title sponsor on the car means the livery is nice and simple, and it results in a great looking car. The white bonnet works well and I love the black rims. A great job by everyone at 23 Red Racing.

Rating 8/10

Triple Eight Racing

#88 and #97 – Red Bull Holden Racing Team – Jamie Whincup and Shane Van Gisbergen

Jamie Whincup 2019
Triple Eight continue into 2019 with Red Bull backing and Holden factory team status. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
Red Bull Holden 2019
Image thanks to Triple Eight Racing.

The Triple Eight car looks very similar to last year, perhaps unsurprising considering that the team is backed by Red Bull and Holden in multi-year deals. I do like the look of the car, though, and the addition of some extra white around the front of the car is a great touch. I imagine the livery designers are somewhat restricted in what they can do, but I think they’ve done a good job. The white rims look great.

Rating 7/10

Walkinshaw Andretti United

#2 and #22 – Mobil 1 MEGA Racing – Scott Pye and James Courtney

James Courtney 2019
Walkinshaw welcomes new backers, MEGA fuels into the fold for 2019. Image thanks to Gold Coast Bulletin.
SCott Pye 2019
Image thanks to Speedcafe.

Walkinshaw always come up with some brilliant liveries and 2019 is no exception. 2018 backers Boost Mobile have jumped ship to GRM, but MEGA fuels have come in and with Mobil 1 still on board, the result is another great looking car for 2019. I think the front of the car looks sharp, especially the two lines which come under the Mobil 1 logo. Even with two major brands on board, the car still looks simple enough for all the logos to stand out, and its another great job by Walkinshaw.

Rating 8/10

DJR Team Penske

#17 and #12 – Shell V-Power Racing Team – Scott McLaughlin and Fabian Coulthard

Fabian Coulthard 2019
Shell V-Power branding remains on the DJR Team Penske cars into 2019. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
McLaughlin 2019
Image thanks to Speedcafe.

DJR Team Penske keep Shell V-Power backing for 2019 and the result is another classic livery dominated by Shell. Maybe its just me, but I feel like the Shell livery accentuates the rounded front profile of the Mustang’s hood more than any of the others. The livery is very clean and concise, and you’d expect nothing less from DJR Team Penske. Like with Triple Eight, the team are most likely very limited in what they can do, but I think the car looks great.

Rating 7/10

Charlie Schwerkolt Racing

 #18 – IRWIN Racing – Mark Winterbottom

Mark Winterbottom 2019
The IRWIN colours are back on a Supercar in 2019. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
Image thanks to IRWIN Racing.

One of the biggest talking points of the off-season, Mark Winterbottom’s move to Charlie Schwerkolt Racing was followed by the news that IRWIN would be returning to the series as title sponsors of the car. I’m really pleased to see the IRWIN colours back on a Supercar. Its been a while, and personally, it reminds me of watching V8 Supercars in the mid and late 2000’s when IRWIN backed Britek Motorsport and Stone Brothers Racing. I think the car looks good, and the yellow and blue work well together. Its most likely not possible due to sponsorships, but I would have liked to see the bonnet blue instead of yellow, however.

Rating 8/10

Matt Stone Racing

#35 – Matt Stone Racing – Todd Hazelwood

Todd Hazelwood 2019
Matt Stone Racing are sporting a metallic silver livery for the first part of 2019. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
Matt Stone Racing 2019
Todd Hazelwood’s early 2019 livery. Image thanks to Matt Stone Racing.

It’s fair to say that Matt Stone Racing look to be fairly light on sponsors coming into 2019, however, this is a livery which I’m sure will develop as more sponsors come on board either before Adelaide or during the season. That being said, I think the silver colour on the car actually looks really good, and it’s quite refreshing to see a car painted like this. I instantly thought back to Russell Ingall’s early 2000 Castrol livery, and that’s no bad thing. It’s a great looking car, and you can’t go wrong with silver and black. However, I’m sure the look of this car won’t stay the same this season.

Rating 6/10

Erebus Motorsport

#9 and #99 – Erebus Penrite Racing – David Reynolds and Anton De Pasquale

Anton de pasquale 2019
The Penrite livery looks awesome once again, this time on both Erebus cars. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
Erebus 2019
Image thanks to Erebus Motorsport.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Penrite liveries and 2019 is no exception. I’m pleased to see that Penrite are now backing both the #9 and #99, and their increased involvement in the team is testament to how far Erebus have come since they joined Supercars with the Mercedes cars earlier in the decade. Black is always a good choice for a base colour, and I really like the red bands which feature on the car. It’s another big thumbs up from me, and I’m looking forward to seeing how both Reynolds and De Pasquale match up against DJR Team Penske and Triple Eight again this year.

Rating 8/10

Brad Jones Racing

#8 – National Pharmacies – Nick Percat

Nick Percat 2019
National Pharmacies will feature on car #8 for the season opening Adelaide 500. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
BJR Adelaide 219
Image thanks to Brad Jones Racing.

Nick Percat’s car will run in National Pharmacies colours for the Adelaide 500 as Brad Jones Racing continue the rolling sponsorship of car #8. I’ve got to say, from a livery standpoint I’m pleased this is only for one round. I’m not sure how much scope there was for design with the National Pharmacies branding, and whilst I’m pleased to see brands backing Supercars I just don’t think the colours gel together, and I don’t think they look great on the car! The big white space on the front of the bonnet stands out, and I feel the National Pharmacies banner could have at least been moved up a little. Nevertheless, some sponsorship is better than nothing, though, and I’m sure we’ll see some good liveries on Percat’s car this season.

Rating 4/10

#14 – Freightliner Racing – Tim Slade

2019 Tim Slade
Tim Slade will continue with Freightliner backing in 2019.
Image thanks to Speedcafe.

Tim Slade continues with Freightliner backing for 2019, and with yellow and black as your main colour scheme you can’t really go wrong. I think the car looks good, and Rover will certainly be pleased that their red logo on the rear panel of the car stands out. Bonus points to Brad Jones Racing for being the team with the best 2019 car reveal video. Take a look below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Rating 7/10

Kelly Racing

#15 – Castrol Racing – Rick Kelly

2019 Rick Kelly Livery
Castrol continues backing Rick Kelly’s #15 Nissan Altima in 2019.
Rick Kelly 2019
Image thanks to Speedcafe

One of my favourites for 2019, it’s great to see Castrol continue their backing of Kelly Racing. I’m pleased that Rick Kelly’s livery which I enjoyed seeing so much last year will be around again this season. The car looks brilliant, and you can’t miss the Castrol branding. Whilst in an ideal world I wouldn’t have included the BP branding on the rear of the car, as Castrol’s parent company I’d rather see it on the car than no sponsors at all! It’s another great looking car, and I can’t wait to see it drive in anger.

Rating 10/10

#3 – Racing – Garry Jacobson

Despite a brilliant looking car, I fear that in an ageing Nissan Altima, Jacobson may struggle to shine in his rookie season. Image thanks to Speedcafe.
Garry Jacobson 2019 have teamed up with Kelly Racing for 2019.

The Kelly Racing livery is another one of my favourites for 2019 and I love the shade of blue which has been chosen. Having title sponsor on board means that the livery is simple and clean, and the title sponsor branding really stands out. Its a great effort by the guys at Kelly Racing, and a huge improvement on last year’s Tickford livery.

Rating 9/10

#78 – Team Harvey Norman – Simona De Silvestro

Team Harvey Norman 2019
Harvey Norman continue their partnership with Simona De Silvestro into 2019.
De Silvestro 2019
Image thanks to Kelly Racing.

There’s not much change on Simona De Silvestro’s challenger for 2019 as Harvey Norman remains on board as the primary backer. Its a clean livery, with all the sponsor logos standing out. I like the design work around the rear quarter panels and overall I think the livery is a slight improvement on 2018.

Rating 6/10

Tekno Autosports

#19 – Truck Assist – Jack Le Brocq

jack Le brocq 2019
Truck Assist continue their backing of car #19 this season.
Jack Le Brocq
Image thanks to Speedcafe.

Its good to see Truck Assist continue their partnership with Tekno heading in 2019, and to see that the team can attract new sponsors in Isuzu Trucks. I like this livery, its bold, sharp and all the required logos and colours stand out. I think its going to look brilliant on track in the races. Orange and black are two colours which work well together. It would have been awesome to have some black rims on this one, though!

Rating 7/10

Tim Blanchard Racing

#21 – Team CoolDrive – Macauley Jones

Macauley Jones’s debut season will be supported by CoolDrive. Image thanks to Speedcafe
CoolDrive Raing
Image thanks to Speedcafe

CoolDrive is a brand we’ve become accustomed to seeing on the Supercars grid in recent years thanks to Tim Blanchard. The brand remains as a title sponsor to car #21 for 2019. The livery features a little more white at the rear than last season but otherwise is pretty much unchanged. I do like the shade of blue it uses, and I imagine there is little scope for more design or change. It’s great to see loyal brands on the grid.

Rating 6/10

Not included in this list due to final liveries not yet being revealed:

#33 and #34 – Richie Stanaway and James Golding
#7 – Andre Heimgartner

What are your thoughts on all the 2019 liveries? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below or over on Facebook!


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