Question Time With Livery Designer Nick Moss

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The livery from the Monster Energy Falcon of Cam Waters, designed by Nick Moss. Image thanks to

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering who designed the awesome Tickford Racing, Garry Rodgers Motorsport and Walkinshaw liveries of recent seasons then look no further. Motorsport livery designer Nick Moss has been designing motorsport liveries for almost nine years and is the man responsible for some of my favourite liveries over the last decade. With a portfolio that includes Supercars, BTCC and GT Racing, I put my questions to Nick in the latest edition of Question Time.

What’s your first Supercars memory? 

I have great early memories from the early ’80s as a young child watching Peter Brock race in person and at Bathurst on TV.

What motorsport series’ do you follow?

I follow Supercars, F1, MotoGP and some BTCC and WEC.

What’s your favourite Australian race circuit?

My favourite Australian circuit has to be Bathurst.

How did you become involved in motorsport livery design, what was your big break?

As a life long fan of motorsport and having a love of art and design, I spent years drawing concepts at first by hand and later with a computer. After leaving school I studied design and then started a 15-year career in the signage industry. By then I had some well-rounded professional skills, and I started posting livery concepts on the V8Central Forum in 2008. I started getting interest from teams pretty quickly after that.

What’s your favourite Supercars livery from the last 30 years?

That is very hard to answer, but I am very partial to the early 90’s Holden Racing Team cars. They were similar but so effective and a classic style.

How did you become involved with livery design in Supercars?

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One of Nick’s first Supercars liveries, the Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon for Mark Winterbottom. Image thanks to

Following on from the interest generated through V8Central, I was contacted by FPR (Ford Performance Racing) mid-2010 and then my first V8 Supercar liveries debuted in 2011 (Orrcon, Trading Post & Bottle-O). Then in 2011, I was contacted by TEKNO Autosports and Kelly Racing to design liveries for their cars, the Mother Energy Drink Falcon and Greg Murphy’s PEPSI Max Commodore.

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The Mother Energy Falcon livery. Image thanks to Supercars.

What’s on your motorsport bucket-list?

Design liveries for F1, WEC and NASCAR and visit all the great race tracks.

How much of the livery design on the cars is sponsor orientated? Do you ever feel restricted when designing liveries?

Livery designs are very much driven by the major sponsors, mostly in the colourations. But more often than not, teams and sponsors would like to see the base design being identifiable with their branding. I find the restrictions to be the necessary challenge of the process and quite frankly, in my experience a blank canvas doesn’t always produce the same quality of a design that has had some parameters placed on it.

What’s the process of designing a livery? Where do you start, and how do you go about sketching your initial ideas?

I’d start by finding out from the team what sponsors are required to go in the various locations on the car. This is indicative to the sponsor investment and size of the logos. I’ll also make sure I understand the brand guidelines for each sponsor so I can make sure the colours I use in the livery accurately represent their brand.

Once I’ve got all the info I need, I’ll jump into three initial designs that go in different directions. This means that from there, following feedback and revisions a final design will be distilled down very quickly. Once a design is decided upon, I’m able to supply my client with the scaled print ready artwork for their signage supplier to make the final product.

If you could have designed one livery in motorsport, which one would it have been?

It would have to be the 1984 Brock Marlboro HDT Group C Commodore.

1984-Peter Brock Bathurst Commodore, thehairpincorner, motorsport blog, supercars blog
The 1984 Commodore driven by Peter Brock to victory at Bathurst. Image thanks to Supercars.

Check out more of Nick’s work over on his website,

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