I'm Back. Take Two. For Good This Time.

Motorsport News

It’s fair to say that my email inbox has seen a bit of an explosion in the last month or so.  I first started the thehairpincorner because quite simply, I just wanted to write about motorsport. I’ve been going to touring car races since I was four years old (my first ever meeting was the 1998 BTCC meeting at Thruxton for those who are interested!) and I wanted to create an outlet on the internet where I could air my thoughts and opinions on what was going on in the world of motorsport.
I managed to continue posting more or less daily on thehairpincorner for over a year before work eventually got in the way. We all know how easy it is for that to happen. It was never quite my intention not to restart this blog, but over the last couple of months the idea was becoming clearer and clearer in my mind, and I just needed something to push me back into it. I mean, it’s not like I had stopped watching motorsport! Most of my weekends since early March have been spent glued to either a TV or computer screen watching whatever racing is going on. BTCC, WTCR, F1, Supercars, NASCAR, DTM, IndyCar…….the list could go on and on, and on.
I started to notice a trickle of emails coming into my inbox, all of which came from thehairpincorner.com. Some of those were emails simply commenting on my posts. But lots were queries asking the same thing. Was I still writing? Every time I read one of these emails, it reminded me that I definitely needed to get back on top of what I was doing, and back to doing what I liked to do more than pretty much anything. Watching and writing about motorsport! Strangely, although I hadn’t posted in over a year the number of emails kept on getting greater and greater, until this month – where I’ve received 23 so far, all asking if I could restart posting on the blog.
So here we go, this is it. thehairpincorner.com is back and here to stay this time. It’s going to be back with almost daily posts covering my favourite series’, BTCC, VASC, Formula One and DTM. I’ve got some exciting stuff planned, and some new ideas to freshen things up in the pipeline. I hope you all enjoy the ride!


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