VASC Sandown 500 Statpack

2015 sandown 500, sandown 500, winterbottom owen, motorsport blog, 2016 sandown 500, alex dodds motorsport

2015 sandown 500, sandown 500, winterbottom owen, motorsport blog, 2016 sandown 500, alex dodds motorsport
Winterbottom and Owen drove to victory last at Sandown, but how have they been performing over the years before? I’ve delved into the data to find out. Image –

As part of my new plans for the site I want to start incorporating some statistics and data into some of my posts. Nothing to heavy, but hopefully enough to provide everyone with a little bit of extra info and interest ahead of some of the big weekends! Statpack (my name for the new category) is still very much a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions or comments and want to let me know please do feel free, I’m open to all suggestions! I’ll leave a contact form at the bottom of this post. Oh, and I’m also open to suggestions regarding the new layout!
Essential Stats
sandown 500 2016, statpack, vasc statpack, motorsport blog, alex dodds motorsport
It’s hardly surprising that Holden and Ford lead the way on victories at the Sandown 500.

It’s no surprise that Holden and Ford lead the way on manufacturer wins at Sandown. Last year’s victory for Frosty and Owen saw Ford climb to 14 wins at the 500, just five behind Holden who sit on 19 race victories at the circuit. Nissan, sit on four race wins, whilst Alfa Romeo trail in last place on two. Almost 50% of the races have been won in a Holden, and based on Triple Eight’s current form that figure could well creep over the magic 50 this year.
motorsport blog, alex dodds motorsport
The great Peter Brock leads the way when it comes to victories at Sandown, but victory for Lowndes this year could see him match Allan Moffat on six wins at the historic track.

Lowndes, Whincup and Winterbottom are the three most successful current drivers at Sandown raceway and have taken 10 victories between them. Victory for Lowndes this year will see him draw level with Allan Moffat on six wins.
The Three Year Form Guide
Now this is where it gets interesting.
The chart above shows the average finishing position at Sandown for the top eleven drivers in this year’s championship table since 2013. The chart above focuses purely on the results of the main game driver, and as such doesn’t include co drivers but it shows us that in fact over the last three years, James Courtney has been the most successful driver at Sandown  with an average finish of 2.3. This is skewed slightly by the fact that JC missed last year due to injury, and following Courtney in an equal second place are Whincup and Winterbottom, who have finished an average of 5.67 over the course of the last three years.
Davison’s average is affected by his switch to the less competitive Erebus package for 2014 as he registered a 3rd place finish in 2013, before coming home 21st and 23rd in the following two years.
Top Eleven Year By Year 
The final chart for today ( I promised I’d keep it light!) shows the finishing position of each driver in our 2016 top 11 by year since 2013. Whincup’s two race victories in 2013 and 2014 can be seen clearly at the bottom of graph before he and Paul Dumbrell finished last year’s Sandown 500 in 15th place. In the opposite fashion, it’s been a gradual improvement in fortunes for Tim Slade, who has gone from 21st, to 12th to 6th and Chaz Mostert has also improved from 14th to 7th to 2nd as a result of his switch to PRA and the form of the Pepsi Max Crew at Sandown last year.
motorsport blog, alex dodds motorsport, sandown 500 2016
Here we can see where each driver in the top eleven of this year’s championship finished year by year at Sandown since 2013.

So If I Was Betting Man? 
It’s no surprise that the most successful drivers at Sandown over the last few years have largely come from Triple Eight and PRA, but it’s worth noting that HRT have also been relatively strong in the past and last year’s Enduro Cup champions Tander and Luff, along with Courtney and Perkins could well grab a surprise result if luck falls their way on race day. Both cars showed significant improvements in pace last time out at Sydney Motorsport Park, as did the Volvo pair which included Scott McLaughlin, who has finished an average of 10th over the last three years.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this Statpack! I’ve been looking forward to incorporating something like this into the blog for some time now so if you do have any comments or suggestions for improvements please do let me know in the comment box below, it goes straight to my email inbox.



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