Our Top 10 F1 Liveries of the Modern Era

There’s been some great ones, and plenty of bad ones, but with every car launch before pre-season testing comes the excitement of new colour schemes, sponsors and liveries for many teams. With so many great historic liveries to choose from the list could be endless so we’ve decided to collate top ten F1 colour schemes from the post 2000 era for you to debate at your leisure.
This is by no means a definitive list, but merely a collection of our top ten highlights from the last 15 F1 seasons.
10. Super Aguri SA07 (2007)
For for former F1 minnows , the short lived Super Aguri Honda, it’s fitting that their best livery came during what also was their most successful season. Red and White is a tried and tested colour scheme that works well in F1 (as we have seen in the past) and the SA07 demonstrates that the best liveries do not always have to be the most complex. 
9. Ferrari F2007 (2007)
Ferrari F1
Ferrari’s last title winning car also makes it into our top ten favourite liveries of the post 2000 era. Never seen in anything but their traditional red the F2007, like the Super Aguri which comes before it is a fine example of less is more. The colour scheme perfectly compliments the beautiful flowing nature of the cars which graced F1 from 2005-2008 and the barcodes on the engine cover make an ingenious alternative to the banned Marlboro branding which graced Ferrari during their early 2000’s glory years.
8. Jaguar R5 (2004)
Jaguar F1
The 2004 Jaguar R5 was the last car produced by Jaguar before their reincarnation as Red Bull Racing in 2005. British racing green in a colour synonymous with Aston Martin (more commonly found in endurance racing). Although Jaguar’s F1 years failed to match the success of Aston Martin in Motorsport their liveries certainly caught the eye and like the modern Red Bull cars, their logo on the engine covers are a standout feature of their striking design. With the mooted return of the Aston Martin name to the F1 grid (rumour has it with Force India), then we might not be waiting to much longer to see Britain’s traditional racing colours return to Formula One.
7. Williams FW28 (2006)
Williams Formula One
As you’ll see later on in our list, Williams have something of a knack of producing great looking cars, and 2006 was certainly no exception. Although 2006 marked the start of a less successful period for one of F1’s historic teams, their livery design remained second to none. The metallic blue is well complimented by the white stripe down the middle of the car and Williams did well to incorporate the colours of their sponsors into an eye catching design.
6. Renault R30 (2010)
Renault F1 2010
If there’s one thing we can hope for when Renault return to the F1 grid next year, it can be a return of their traditional yellow and black colour scheme. Last seen in Formula 1 in 2010, after three years of ghastly ING branding on their cars a return to their roots provided a welcome change to the grid. We love the way the all sponsors logos are integrated into the design and the red Total end-plates on the front and rear wings add a pleasant touch to the cars extremities.
5. Red Bull RB11 (2015 Testing)
Red Bull F1
It’s such a shame that Red Bull didn’t carry their 2015 testing colors through into the season proper. A drastic departure from their colour schemes and liveries from previous seasons, the RB11 Camouflage would have been a fantastic addition to the 2015 grid. This design would have featured much higher in our list had it been continued through into the races. Here’s to hoping for 2016………(and yes, we know it’s highly unlikely!)
4. Jordan EJ11 (2001)
Jordan F1
The former Jordan team had a history of producing eye catching livery designs purely down to their great choice of colours. Yellow is a colour seldom used in F1 but when used correctly it can leave a very striking impression and the famous “buzzing hornets” slogan used by the team from 1998-2000 is well represented by their choice of colours. In today’s more corporate F1, where unique and innovative liveries are becoming less and less frequent, the EJ11 is a timely reminder of the lasting legacy of Formula One’s quirkier teams.
3. McLaren MP4-23 (2008)
McLaren 2008 F1
It’s a good job McLaren don’t produce car liveries as exciting as their car names (include sarcasm here). Throughout their years as Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, the Woking sqaud produced some great looking metallic silver and red liveries the highlight of which for us was 2008. It’s a fitting tribute that their greatest modern livery should also match the year of their last title triumph and Hamilton certainly did the design justice with his last corner heroics in Brazil. The livery designs from 2014 and 2015 failed to match the heights of the previous years (as have the team’s performances) however in both cases, they left themselves with very high standards to follow.
2. Renault R31 (2011)
Lotus Renault F1
Renault make onto our list twice in successive years, but this time owing to the team’s rebranding and eventual transformation to Lotus Renault GP. With two Lotus teams on the grid in 2011, (which must have been a great and very lucky advertising coup for the historic car maker itself) the Lotus Renault R31 was a fantastic throwback to the historic John Player Special liveries of the late 70’s and early 80’s. 2011 makes it onto the list as our favourite Lotus livery because of it’s black and gold simplicity, as successive years have seen more and more red make it’s way onto the car as a result of PDVSA’s sponsorship. Something which we feel has taken the focus away from the black and gold colour scheme.
1. Williams FW37 (2015)
Williams F1 2015
It’s another classic livery which stands at the top our list, and it most certainly is one of the finest designs produced during the last 15 F1 seasons. The historic Martini stripes and perfectly incorporated onto the flowing shape of the 2015 Williams and their continuation along the whole length of the car is subtle, yet so effective. We’re hoping that Martini and Williams continue their partnership long into the future as their livery designs from the seasons have been rare shining lights in a increasingly dull liveried F1 world.
So there we have it, our top ten countdown of F1 liveries from the last 15 seasons. Do you agree? Let us know what your choices would be in the comments below!


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