4 reasons to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix

Brazilian Gp 2014
As the F1 circus makes the penultimate stop on it’s journey around the world we arrive in Sao Paulo, home of Senna, Samba and the Brazilian Grand Prix. With both championships wrapped up for 2015 we can look forward to the gloves coming off in the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg (once again), alongside the tantalizing drama which could unfold in turns one and two on the first lap. The championships may have been decided, but there is still plenty to play for all down the grid (Williams and Red Bull in particular), so here four reasons we’re looking forward to Interlagos this weekend.   
Renault’s new power unit
Daniel Ricciardo will take the ten place grid penalty this weekend, as compensation for debuting Renault’s new (and they say very much upgraded engine). With the French manufacturer having spent 11 of their 12 development tokens on this latest upgrade Mercedes and perhaps Ferrari and Williams will be keeping a close eye on Ricciardo’s pace throughout Friday  practice and the race itself. With Red Bull seemingly veering back towards running Renault engines in 2016, along with the Lotus/ incoming Renault works squad this new upgrade could send both Red Bull and Renault into 2016 on a much more even playing field than at previous races.
Hamilton will be eager to bounce back from Mexico 
Now, we can’t be alone here in thinking that had Hamilton stayed out in Mexico two weeks ago, he would have stood a stronger chance of winning the race. Only those inside Mercedes will truly know whether Hamilton’s tyres would have lasted the rest of the race distance but the feeling from some in the F1 community is that Mercedes may have been trying to keep Rosberg happy. Alas, after winning his third world title Lewis earned some well deserved party time after Austin and can now arrive in Brazil aiming to emulate Vettel and Schumacher’s record of 13 wins in a season.
Ding Ding! Will it be Raikkonen vs Bottas round three?
After coming together in race ending incidents for two of the last three grand prix’s, should Raikkonen and Bottas find themselves together on Sunday, then they can rest assured that all eyes will be on them once again. After Kimi’s ill fated lunge on the last lap in Russia (which cost Bottas 3rd place) and their coming together in Mexico (which caused Raikkonen’s retirement) talk of a feud between the two has been played down by both parties. Admittedly, the incident in Mexico can fairly be classed as a racing incident but the paddock will have to wait until Sunday to see sparks flying between the icemen once again. With Bottas seemingly once of the leading contenders to replace the surely outgoing 2007 champ in 2017, too much bumper car racing could well scupper his chances of landing that famous drive at Maranello.
The famous Brazilian atmosphere 
The atmosphere at Interlagos is always second to none. We’ve been spoilt with races in two incredibly passionate American countries in back to back grand prix’s and the Brazilian’s love for both Massa and Motorsport will make for another brilliant spectacle this weekend. Coupled with the famously unpredictable weather seen in Sao Paulo at this time of year, we could be in for another mixed up grid due to a wet qualifying.
We certainly can’t wait for the action to begin tomorrow morning and we’ll be back with our predictions for Saturday’s grid after practice tomorrow. Feel free to let us know your reasons to watch the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix in our comments section below!
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