thehairpincorner predicts…the Singapore Grid

Singapore Grand Prix Preview

Qualifying is nearly upon us in Singapore, and as part of our new Weekend preview format, we’ve decided to make the bold prediction of the grid could look like by the end of Q3 today. We’ve done a bit of thinking behind it, it’s by no means scientific, but going by the results from FP1 and FP2, here is what we think the qualifying order could be for tomorrows Singapore Grand Prix.

  1. Hamilton
  2. Raikkonen
  3. Ricciardo
  4. Rosberg
  5. Kvyat
  6. Vettel
  7. Vestappen
  8. Hulkenberg
  9. Perez
  10. Alonso
  11. Bottas
  12. Sainz
  13. Massa
  14. Nasr
  15. Grosjean
  16. Button
  17. Ericsson
  18. Maldonado
  19. Stevens
  20. Rossi

So, what are we expecting? Although Williams never truly show their pace during practice, we expect both Bottas and Massa to struggle on type of circuit which is known not to favour the FW27. Expect Williams to be stronger again when we head to Russia and Japan next. On the contrary, we expect Red Bull and McLaren to put in some of their best Saturday results of the season on a less power dependent track, with more emphasis placed on aero, where Red Bull are exceptionally strong. Sauber’s new upgrades may see them jump above Lotus, who’s financial troubles may start to catch up with them as they begin to lose touch in the development race.
In a nutshell

  • Williams to struggle
  • Red Bull and McLaren to show improvement
  • Sauber to jump above Maldonado, and maybe Grosjean

We’ll check back in after qualifying to see if our predictions were accurate. If you feel differently about today’s qualifying session let us know below, we’d be interested to see your predictions!
Thanks to ComAp for the great picture!


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