Seeing Williams back at the sharp end is good for F1

WilliamsF1ResurgenceWe can’t be alone in being elated to see Williams back at the sharp end of F1. The last two seasons couldn’t be in starker contrast to the Williams F1 team from 2011-2013 which finished 9th, 8th and 9th in the constructors table. For a team with such historic F1 pedigree, seeing them suffer down in the doldrums of the backmarkers was painful to watch.

Although probably not on race winning pace just yet (bar retirements for either Mercedes or Ferrari) Williams remain the best placed to team to capitalise on any mistakes or failures from F1’s leading two teams. In Bottas and Massa it seems the Grove squad have finally found a stable and capable driver pairing, from which they don’t need to receive sponsorship income, and the signs are are there for all to see that it’s paying off.
Let that be a sign to teams on the grid happy to sacrifice race performance and driver quality for money. With two highly capable drivers they are ( and will continue to do so now they’re entitled huge sums of money for finishing 3rd) reaping the rewards for their bravery in the driver’s market and that can only be commended.
Whilst it’s understandable that some teams are short of money and do need to raise finance, you can’t tell me that Williams would be 3rd in the constructors championship if Maldonado was still at the team….
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